Gay Hentai Sex Slave Has a Kinky Master With Voyeuristic Tendencies

Thursday, June 30. 2011

All I can say when watching this 2nd part of gay hentai entitled, Sensitive Pornography was that I want a sex slave of my own to keep at home and secretly film having sex with strangers! I've only been watching gay hentai for just over a year but I can honestly say that no other gay hentai has aroused me as much as this particular cartoon. I love the very kinky and very Japanese story line and the fuck scenes are so hot, especially the slurping sounds of cock penetrating boyhole and the cries of orgasm. This is the sort of gay hentai that I hope to keep coming across in future - check it out for yourself.

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More Gay Hentai With Sensitive Pornography

Tuesday, May 31. 2011

Aki's gay hentai master has a warped and kinky Japanese mind. I don't want to go into the plot here because I don't want to spoil things for you, just check out the clip and see if you like it. I will tell you though that it does involve bondage, voyeurism and gay cartoon sex with cute hentai boys with a little twist. It just made me think how much Japanese people love escaping off into fantasy land, even trying to make fantasy into reality eg all those fetish cafes such as cosplay, drag maids and school boy cafe's etc. What a gift to the world those warped Japanese minds are.

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Bondage Hentai Boys

Sunday, December 4. 2011
If there's one thing that I particularly like about gay hentai its the bondage cartoons. It's always saucy and full of fantastical scenes that you can only dream of doing. I actually like watching it better than gay bondage videos. It really gets me into the feeling of the scene, especially as the boys are always so cute, innocent and helpless looking - you know, all tied up and taking a big cock up their ass. These pics from are perfect examples of what I'm talking about. Check out the rest of the site for more raunchy gay cartoon fun.

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Samurai X Gets a Gay Hentai Fuck

Tuesday, September 27. 2011
Whether serious or gay, the Japanese love making films, manga or gay hentai with the theme of the wandering samurai, who atones for his violent past with acts of Robin Hood like kindness. This gay hentai is a parody of Samurai X (known as Rurouni Kenshin in Japanese). I love how make the killer samurai into a very cute hentai character - it does make you want to fuck him! Although not gay hentai, I saw a film called Taboo where a very cute boyish samurai turns the samurai school gay and he gets fucked by heaps of ordinarily straight men. That boy was cute and the movie very hypnotic. Check it out one day, but for now, check out gay hentai Samurai X!

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Street Fighters Go Gay Hentai

Monday, August 15. 2011
If there's any set of animated characters that you'd like to see fuck like gays it's probably the homoerotic, muscular guys from the game, Street Fighters. I mean, I always pictured Vega (Balrog) and Guile in gay fantasies anyway as they do look gay to me - it looks so natural for them to be kissing and fondling each other's rigid cocks. I've let you into a little secret there - yes, I have fantasies about the Street Fighters characters. It reminds me of when I was very young and I used to have a Superman action figure. His tight top hugging to his big chest and six pack used to turn me on and I even wanked with him in my hand. Gotta love these gay hentai pics from !

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Farmer Barm Loves Man-Milk in This Gay Hentai

Wednesday, July 27. 2011
There's a bit of Brokeback Mountain going on at - men of the land that love men. The difference is that Farmer Barm has one helluva massive gay hentai cock. Heaps of milk gets sloshed around in that milking barn, and it aint from the cows! It made me think, wouldn't it be great to be in such demand in your local community like Farmer Barm, especially if its only small. I live in a big city and I wont get that much attention in 20 years. That's why I prefer to stay home and download some gay toons and let the story and gay hentai take me away.

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Gay Hentai Sex Steams Up in the Sauna

Wednesday, July 20. 2011
OK, hands up - who's had sex in a sauna? There's pros and cons. Some pro's are that because its usually in a public space, it's a little risque & the steam and sweat can act as a natural lubricant. The cons - if the sex is really hot, you get extra hot, really hot. Second, some people have really funky flavored sweat. It's much easier to just sit back and watch. For all you guys that like to steam it up in the sauna check out these toons from Gay Comics. What's with the cue-ball headed character?

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