Farmer Barm Loves Man-Milk in This Gay Hentai

Wednesday, July 27. 2011
There's a bit of Brokeback Mountain going on at - men of the land that love men. The difference is that Farmer Barm has one helluva massive gay hentai cock. Heaps of milk gets sloshed around in that milking barn, and it aint from the cows! It made me think, wouldn't it be great to be in such demand in your local community like Farmer Barm, especially if its only small. I live in a big city and I wont get that much attention in 20 years. That's why I prefer to stay home and download some gay toons and let the story and gay hentai take me away.

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Gay Hentai Sex Steams Up in the Sauna

Wednesday, July 20. 2011
OK, hands up - who's had sex in a sauna? There's pros and cons. Some pro's are that because its usually in a public space, it's a little risque & the steam and sweat can act as a natural lubricant. The cons - if the sex is really hot, you get extra hot, really hot. Second, some people have really funky flavored sweat. It's much easier to just sit back and watch. For all you guys that like to steam it up in the sauna check out these toons from Gay Comics. What's with the cue-ball headed character?

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Heavenly Hentai Boys Fuck at the Beach

Thursday, June 16. 2011
What could be better than two young, manly, strong and perfectly defined bodies belonging to a handsome pair of gay boys that look like they were made for each other? Absolutely nothing at all. In fact, such a splendid vision is almost impossible to find. Not unless you turn to Gay Comics. I loved checking out their hentai beach boy sex. I had reflections of my innocent youth where I spied on other boys having sex at the gay beach of where I grew up. I loved watching them fuck in a cave or over a fallen tree trunk in the beach scrub. These hentai boys were much more a picture of gay perfection though!

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East Meets West & Falls in Love in This Gay Cartoon Full of Fuck Scenes

Friday, June 3. 2011
Reading the latest gay hentai from I couldn't help make parallels to other films I've seen or events in my life. The basic plot of this gay cartoon is forbidden love, compounded with an East meets West theme, through the very hunky gay cartoon characters of Mathew and Eiasu. The retro movie 'Shogun' or even better, 'Taboo' (Gohatto in Japanese) sprang to mind. If you haven't seen this latter movie, check it out, including the very handsome Matsuda Ryuhei who plays the cute young samurai that drives all the straight samurai crazy with desire for male beauty and youth. But, that's after you've downloaded all your gay cartoons though!

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Koizu Checks in to the Love Resort (Gay Hentai)

Friday, April 8. 2011
Have any of you guys ever been to a gay resort or even stayed in a gay hotel? Aren't most of the staff all sluts!? What a great job that must be though - a constant change over of hot men eager for a bit of naughty action any time. And of course, most of the time management only hire some of the best looking boys, for obvious reasons. Well, whether you have or haven't either way I reckon you'll enjoy this gay hentai from where muscular Koizu checks in then checks his big cock into the bell boy's tight ass. That little slut loves it.

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Gay Hentai in Night of the Mummy

Tuesday, March 15. 2011
Let's check out the new gay hentai series from Now, if all Middle Eastern gay guys had the same svelte, bronze, smooth, muscular body of this gay cartoon character, Kali, I'd be into Middle Eastern men! Imagine being in that sweltering tomb and all the extra sweat poring off you as hard bodies grind against each other and you grunt and groan. Its strange how these cartoons can get people more aroused than looking at videos of the real thing?!

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Gay Hentai - Gym Boys

Sunday, January 9. 2011
My favorite gay hentai site just release this new story. Nathan just got his VIP gym card which let him use a private workout room. While he's working out, David approaches him and introduces himself as Nathan's instructor and the real fun begins.

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