Samurai X Gets a Gay Hentai Fuck

Tuesday, September 27. 2011
Whether serious or gay, the Japanese love making films, manga or gay hentai with the theme of the wandering samurai, who atones for his violent past with acts of Robin Hood like kindness. This gay hentai is a parody of Samurai X (known as Rurouni Kenshin in Japanese). I love how make the killer samurai into a very cute hentai character - it does make you want to fuck him! Although not gay hentai, I saw a film called Taboo where a very cute boyish samurai turns the samurai school gay and he gets fucked by heaps of ordinarily straight men. That boy was cute and the movie very hypnotic. Check it out one day, but for now, check out gay hentai Samurai X!

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Street Fighters Go Gay Hentai

Monday, August 15. 2011
If there's any set of animated characters that you'd like to see fuck like gays it's probably the homoerotic, muscular guys from the game, Street Fighters. I mean, I always pictured Vega (Balrog) and Guile in gay fantasies anyway as they do look gay to me - it looks so natural for them to be kissing and fondling each other's rigid cocks. I've let you into a little secret there - yes, I have fantasies about the Street Fighters characters. It reminds me of when I was very young and I used to have a Superman action figure. His tight top hugging to his big chest and six pack used to turn me on and I even wanked with him in my hand. Gotta love these gay hentai pics from !

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The Simpsons With Big Dicks & A Gay Sex Fetish

Wednesday, July 6. 2011
Mr Burns! I didn't think you could get it up at your age? You better not let Smithers catch you fucking Homer over the nuclear reactor console - he'll be jealous! And Homer, for such a big bottomed man, I have to say your manhole is very tight. It was only a matter of time wasn't it? I was expecting the gang to give the cartoon characters from the Simpsons the gay treatment much earlier than this. With such big dicks I think the artists should be drawing much larger bulges...

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Thunder Cats Cartoon Characters Go Gay

Tuesday, May 24. 2011
What series gets the big dick gay cartoon treatment this time? It's Thunder Cats. Ever wondered what your favorite feline characters from Thundera would look like having it off with each other in gay cartoon sex? Well wonder no more and check out this selection of pics from Actually, Thunder Cats has gone through a bit of a revival. They've been round since I was a young adult and I can even remember the comics of them. Of course, now there's all the hype about the Thunder Cats movie. Probably why the cats got the big dick gay cartoon treatment !

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Star Wars With Big Cartoon Dicks?

Tuesday, May 10. 2011
Who would have known that Yoda was packin' so much heat underneath his robe? That's one massive green cock - the force is definitely with him! Nothing's sacred for the boys at as the characters from the Star Wars series get bent and go for a little inter-galactic gay sex. Which reminds me, in the original series Harrison Ford ("Hansolo", c'mon, what's that suggesting?) was so young and so hot. I would have loved to do to him what I see these gay cartoon characters doing to each other now. (If you are more familiar with the prequils, maybe Ewan McGregor then). That aint gonna happen so I may as well just enjoy these gay cartoons - you too!

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Famous Cartoon Boys - With Big Cocks

Wednesday, March 30. 2011
The gay hentai artists from parodied a few Japanese cartoons and games here, ie Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Final Fantasy 7. But it is kinda fun giving those animated boys such big cocks on their little frames. Cocks that are always loaded with gallons of cum to spray here and there like a fire hose out of control. It is also perverted to turn them gay and have them into bondage. It's a real kinky change of scene for these guys. I wasn't a huge fan at the start but now that I've viewed this gay hentai and thought about it, I'm getting turned on! Bye, I'm flipping through the next set of cartoons.

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Rather Read Gay Cartoons Than Go to Heaven?

Tuesday, March 22. 2011
Fans of the animated series Metalocalypse are going to recognize the characters in this gay cartoon from Just Cartoon Dicks.. I didn't realize that they all had such big throbbing cocks and that they liked sticking them in each other's ass?! But you know who's missing? If anyone from Metalocalypse was going to be into gay cartoon sex I would have thought it would have been Dr Rockso, the rock n roll clown. Personally, I'm more into Asian style gay cartoons but if we were all the same we'd be a boring lot. Variety is the spice of life!

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