Gay Cartoon Surfer Boys Fuck

Tuesday, April 26. 2011
Ever seen the animated series featuring a bunch of young sexy 'groms', called Stoked? Well, leave it to Just Cartoon Dicks to turn Reef and Broseph et al gay and give em big cocks so they can fuck the guts out of each other with relish. The girls don't get a look in as the boys steal the show, really turning Surfer's Paradise into a gay Surfer's Paradise in this gay cartoon. Now you can see the hard, virile, young cocks that lay hidden under those board shorts with a little animated help. Personally I think the boys are much more sexy in this version. Hey, when you are that young with lots of testosterone streaming through your veins all you want to do is experiment, and who better with than your hot surfer friends!

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Rather Read Gay Cartoons Than Go to Heaven?

Tuesday, March 22. 2011
Fans of the animated series Metalocalypse are going to recognize the characters in this gay cartoon from Just Cartoon Dicks.. I didn't realize that they all had such big throbbing cocks and that they liked sticking them in each other's ass?! But you know who's missing? If anyone from Metalocalypse was going to be into gay cartoon sex I would have thought it would have been Dr Rockso, the rock n roll clown. Personally, I'm more into Asian style gay cartoons but if we were all the same we'd be a boring lot. Variety is the spice of life!

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More of Gay Hentai Uniform Sex

Wednesday, September 15. 2010
As I told you last week I love gay hentai military sex theme, here is another gay uniform set from one of the best gay hentai sites This isn't Japanese/Asian style but it's not too Western either. That's why I think it's still hot. I'd prefer the true Japanese style though but they don't make guys in uniform theme much. Anyway hope you enjoy this set. Have a lovely day :)

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Gay Hentai Military Sex

Friday, September 10. 2010
Check out this new gay hentai set from This is the first time I saw they released this type of style..It's not really Asian/Japanese and not really Western..sort of mixed. It's not bad though..I actually quite like it especially the military theme which is one of my favorite themes. See all hot toon guys below!

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Gay Cartoon Boys in a Hardcore Action

Tuesday, May 26. 2009

Hi there! How are you doing? I have some cute gay cartoon boys for today. This set is packed with cute cartoon boys in some hardcore fuck action. There are plenty of hot or handsome looking toon guys around but not many cute ones like these boys. This set is from one of my most favorite sites. There are lots of gay hentai and gay cartoon content exclusively made. There are lots of hot gay comics too... If you love those content, don't miss it!

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Gay Catoon Threesome

Friday, May 22. 2009

Hi there! How are you doing? This gay cartoon is from the comic book called Cybersex 2046. I'm not quite sure why Cybersex as I think it has nothing to do with that name lol ..hmmmm it might be because this is supposed to be in the year 2046...Anyway lets take a little break from Asian gay hentai and see these hot toon guys in a hot and hardcore threesome. Hope you enjoy it!

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Gay Cartoon Fantastic Four

Tuesday, May 19. 2009

Hi guys! How are you doing? Let's take a little break from Japanese or Asian gay hentai. I have some cool Western gay cartoon for today. Some of you might know this set is parody of Fantatic Four. I'm not usually into Western cartoon that much but I sometimes feel like something different especially when they are gay super heroes :D Hope you guys enjoy the pics and have a lovely new week!!

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